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You have found the official website for the San Antonio Hash House Harriers! What’s that mean?  SAH3 is…

  • 21-and-older only (if you’re not 21+, we will wait)
  • A social drinking club
  • With a running/walking problem (usually only a 2-4 mile problem)
  • A safe space with no violence or drama allowed

Want to learn more? Check out our FAQsIf this sounds like your kind of fun, then come out and join us for a hash!

We are now hashing on our Springs/Summer schedule, every Friday at 6:30 p.m., anywhere in the San Antonio, TX area.
For more information, contact us here.

Seriously, you must be at least 21 years old. If you’re not of age, don’t cry, you baby.  The hash was founded in 1938, it will still be around by the time you’re legal. 

***Don’t see updated hash information? Don’t panic, just check back Friday morning.
Hashers and Half-minds are sometimes last minute!***

A long time ago in a kennel too close to home…
What: 29th anniversary, 1600th run, and second annual Kessel Run

When: SATURDAY, May 7th

Where: Roxy sports bar and cafe 3249 Wurzbach Rd

San Antonio, TX 78238

Cost: $29
Pay Blewhole here!

Hares away: NOON

Words from the hares: The moons have aligned and the time has come for us to celebrate our 29th anniversary, 1600th run, and second annual Kessel Run! Hounds and Hares gather from near and far to endure 2 trails, 2 circles, and an amazing On After! Each trail will be devoted to a different event and the theme for the entire day is Star Wars. Put on your Jedi robes (or pack them into shiggy bags), grab some power converters AND $29, and head out Saturday, May 7 to celebrate this once-in-a-lifetime moment. Hares away at noon at our original hash bar Roxys sports bar! This will be an A-B then B-A trail. Doing both trails is HIGHLY encouraged if you don’t want to have to double back and get your transport from the outer rim, or don’t want to search for Rebel scum scattered throughout the shiggy. The cost covers food, beer/other nectar, and a gimme.
Wear shiggy socks, bring a whistle, flashlight, extra change of clothes or costume for the On After, a positive attitude, R2 unit, singing voice, Ewoks, and Beer Belly!

Be sure to get with Blew Hole, Shame Eww, or Roger Rabbit with your shirt size.

Sign-ups begin Friday 15 APR 16.

Blew Hole – 940 232-0668

Pay Blewhole here!


Current Rego List here (PDF format)