Next Hash

You have found the official website for the San Antonio Hash House Harriers! What’s that mean?  SAH3 is…

  • 21-and-older only (if you’re not 21+, we will wait)
  • A social drinking club
  • With a running/walking problem (usually only a 2-4 mile problem)
  • A safe space with no violence or drama allowed

Want to learn more? Check out our FAQsIf this sounds like your kind of fun, then come out and join us for a hash!

We start our fall/winter hashing schedule on September 25th, anywhere in the San Antonio, TX area. Details coming soon
For more information, contact us here.

Seriously, you must be at least 21 years old. If you’re not of age, don’t cry, you baby.  The hash was founded in 1938, it will still be around by the time you’re legal. 

***Don’t see updated hash information? Don’t panic, just check back Friday morning.
Hashers and Half-minds are sometimes last minute!***

Who: Who Shaved Roger Rabbit
When: Sunday Oct. 23rd. 3:30pm
Cost: A 6-pack of non-domestic beer or $5.
Where: Stone Street Pub
Directions from airport: take 281 north to Bitters exit. Make a left on Bitters and go to Huebner. Make a left on Huebner and it is in the shopping center on your right next to the Valero.
Words: Let’s enjoy our differences around the world and celebrate with beer other than Lone Star! True trail is 3.25 miles and has something for everyone. Climbing, crawling, tripping, falling, and everything else you hope to do on trail. It is dog friendly but you will have to hot potato that puppy over a small fence. If you can’t climb or crawl then autowank, we will need car backs anyways.
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