What is hashing? Do you like running? How about drinking beer? Combine these two activities with a little fun, frivolity, madness and mayhem. Then remove all sense of seriousness, competition and political correctness. What you get is the “sport” of hashing. To truly understand hashing, you’ll have to enjoy a hash run in person. New hashers (hash-virgins) are always welcome.
What happens at a hash? Hashing is loosely based on the chase between the hare(s) (or fox if you prefer) and the hounds (the pack). Hashers meet at a predetermined location at a set time. Once all the hashers are gathered, one or more hashers will start to lay trail (they are the hares). After several minutes, the pack will follow the hares trail trying to catch the him or her (Hare Snare). The trail is usually cross country, through bushes, water, mud, hills and whatever else the hares can find to run the pack through. The pack follows the marks left by the hares (trail) to the finish (On-In). But there’s a little twist Рthe hares are tricky little wankers who try deceive the pack. Although the hares do lay a true trail to the finish, they also lay false trails as well to deceive the pack in order not to get snared. Once the all the pack has reached the On-In, the hashers socialize, sing songs and most importantly, drink BEER, or the beverage of your choice.
What do I wear/bring? Proper attire for a hash is a pair of running shoes or sneakers, running pants or shorts, a T-shirt and a whistle. Additionally we recommend bringing a gym bag or backpack with a towel, bug spray, fresh socks and a change of clothes in case of shiggy or water on trail. Also bring some Hash Cash (usually around $5) and come thirsty.
Hashers do some odd things. Do I have to do them too? No. Your participation in the hash is completely voluntary. You don’t have to do ANYTHING you don’t want to.
Do I have to run the trail or can I walk the trail? Although most hashers do run the trail, some do not. There are usually walkers you can walk with and hints are usually given at the start for those who do not run or wish to go through shiggy.
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