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* # 1742 OPEN # 1742 OPEN

Time: 3:30 pm

WHAT: SAH3 Hash #1741 WHO: Joker Sutra and Spew WHEN: Sunday 2 December 1530 (3:30pm) Hares aware 1545 WHERE: (residence) 3214 Coral Grove Dr., San Antonio TX WORDS FROM THE HARES: Cum 1, Cum All, Cum out to the 1742 running of the San Antonio Hash House Harriers trail. I promise a shit show of a trail. There will be bootyful scenic views, and a chance to enjoy wildlife along trail (beastialitys best boys). With the TYT’s number 1 trail on the books, I want to continue to show love to our Harriettes, so Balls will be flying, giving us a good show. Apologies in advance for my co-hare, SPEW... he’s new. This will be an A TO B trail, Flesh lights, whistles, and your hash necklaces will be needed. I also want to see virgins and visitors join us for the fun. My last lie from the Hares is simple, there will be two beer checks, and there won’t be a mystery guest hare. Start will be at 3:30pm, at 3214 Coral Grove Dr. with Hares away by 3:45pm.

* # 1743 12 Down Downs- Cockaraz# 1743 12 Down Downs- Cockaraz

* # 1744 Just Elyse and OCD# 1744 Just Elyse and OCD

Time: 3:30 pm

What: SAH3#1743 Who: Just Elyse and OCD When: Sunday, December 16th, 3:30pm Where: 21022 Gathering Oak, San Antonio, TX 78260 Parking lot Lies from the Harriettes: Deck the halls in chalk and flour Fa la la la la la la la la Get ready for your halls to be decked... with another Holiday hash! Fair warning, those who have claus-trophobia should just stay home. It’s like Santa not going down a chimney. It won’t “soot” you. Just kidding there aren’t any dark ho-ho-holes you’ll fall into. And those sappy enough to be Santa-mental over the season should pull out... those North polar-oids for those pictures. Come for the beer and stay to get Ebaneezer Scrooge drunk on Xmas spirits. We’re not going to be s-elfish with our marks either. Turkey’s can enjoy a nice gift 3 mile stroll and eagles get a naughty 69 mile coal march. Bring: $5, virgins, whistle, headlamp/fleshlights, merry attitude and gay apparel. On on!

* # 1745 OPEN # 1745 OPEN

Time: 3:30 pm

The write up... Aloha Beaches! That right your SAH3 White Elephant is brought to you by the fine folks from the land of sunshine and beewbies. Your hares Hermie, Joker Sutra, White Girl Wasted, and a couple of surprise aloha alumni have cooked up a massively intricate trail. So where you festive holiday attire or your laid back beach attire. Either will be good on this day. Where: The Hollow Bar 14532 Brook Hollow Blvd, San Antonio There is a good bit of parking but I advise Uber or Lyft. Given who your hares are there may be a bit of drinking. Let me say that again. If you do this trail correctly there may be a good bit of drinking. Take an Uber or Lyft or carpool with a sober or at least soberish driver. No one wants to spend Christmas in the drunk tank blaming Hermie buts its not Hermies fault because he warned you. When: 3:30pm Don’t forget your White Elephant gift exchange. You do not have to bring a gift to be involved in trail but if you don’t bring one you will be on the outside watching everyone else have fun. Rules of the white elephant 1. Gift should be in the price range of $15-$25. 2. Regifting is ok as long as it’s a funny regifting. Don’t bring those pair of socks that your aunt mildred gave you and you don’t want. 3. Don’t be a tool. A half empty bottle or half full depending on your outlook bottle of bottom shelf whiskey that you’ve had in you cabinet for 3 years because you were cheap that night and decided to by something you wont even drink as a last resort but your to much of an alcoholic to throw it out and now your thinking this would make an excellent white elephant gift but deep down inside you know it really just makes you an awful person for even thinking about doing something like this to your friend IS NOT A GOOD GIFT! 4. Don’t worry about the rules of the gift exchange right now we will make them up as we go.

* # 1745# 1745

Time: 3:30 pm

What: SAH3#1745 Who: Just Elyse and Road Head When: Sunday, December 30th, 3:30pm Where:CVS 919 Wurzbach Pkwy, San Antonio, TX 78231 (Park on the side of CVS facinging the Westmount at Cape Cod Apartments) Lies from the Harriettes: New year, new trail It’s the last trail of 2018 and SAH3 won’t be throwing another till next year. So let’s end the old year with an old trail. Don’t let these deets be like a New Years resolution that goes in one year and out the other. Instead, Let’s make a resolution to keep your cup always half-full... of beer. There will be pavement , wet trails, shiggy, and a dark moist hole or two to fall into. Bring: $5, a warm body, poncho/umbrella, a change of clothes, virgins, whistle, headlamp, torches, and pitchforks. On on!